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Department of Hematology & Transfusion Medicine Unit


Haematology staffs contribute to the teaching components of the Medical Doctor (MD) program, post-graduate courses in Pathology/Haematology, Dental courses and other fields of health sciences.

The curriculum for this first degree course is an integrated, problem based and community oriented system.  The basic basic strategy for this course follows the SPICES philosophy, the acronym for the school and integrated approaches.

S - Student oriented
P - Problem based
I - Integrated
C - Community oriented
E - Electives
S - Self learning and Systematic

The MD programme is divided into 4 phases spread over a 5-year period in which the Department of Haematology actively involved in two phases:

Phase 1  (Year 1 & 2) 

The department of Haematology is responsible for running the Haemopoietic and Lymphoid block in Year 1.  This is a three-weeks block.  Teaching in this block includes lectures,  problem based learning (PBL), clinical skills, seminars, fixed learning modules (FLM) and e-learning.  Each week of the block has its own theme and scenario based problem. Students are introduced to normal structure and functions of blood.

Haemopoietic and lymphoid system block co-ordinator: Dr Marini Ramli


Phase II  (Year 3)